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Guangzhou YIHAO Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a business enterprise that concentrates on a high latest technical development, manufacturing,
sale and service of health care, the body beauty apparatus. Since it has established, YIHAO has been bringing in advanced production technology and
equipment of domestic and international, insists on a principle by high point of departure, high quality ,high specialization and new thinking of
absorbing design technology. According to the market demand, YIHAO values the innovation of science and technology, the high quality and the devotion
of development funds very much. All Researchers have accepted the series standard training of the international electronics committee IEC62 D, and
having ample experience to match the international product standard. Our enterprise operates according to the ISO9001 quality system strictly .

In the background of economical globalization, YIHAO faces with the intense competition challenge, but also the opportunity. YIHAO cooperates with
the international well-known enterprise by OEM, ODM business,bringing in international advanced technology and business management .
The cooperation pattern is Produces in China with the foreign brand, and uses the international integration quality management. YIHAO accumulated
the internationalization competition experience, and also makes good use of global management networks and broad international market of these
enterprises and is advanceing the enterprise brand with steady steps through cooperation with these international well-known enterprises.
Facing the 21st century competitive market, YIHAO persons, are full of confidence, Solidarity struggles, and are enterprising with good faith .
YIHAO , proceeding toward to be magnificent with the general merchants , consists on the cooperation spirit ofcustomer's benefit is our profit.


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